Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bacon Peanut Butter Sandwich

One of my favorite memories as a child, was of my Grandparent's cabin in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania. I don't remember it's exact location, but I can still see the cabin vividly in my memories. There was a huge fireplace, and a big window out the back where we would sometimes watch deer passing by. During the summers, my mother would take my sister Kathy and I to this cabin while my dad was serving his two-week active duty in the Army Reserves. On the way, we would always stop at Sadie's Bar for a root beer. I remember swimming in the pond and chasing tadpoles, and my mother giving me rides in the wheelbarrow. It was a beautiful wooded haven. On one visit, my Grandma Harvey made me this special sandwich. I will never forget it. It may be an odd combination, but something about this treat is delicious to the deepest level.

I made this last weekend, and divided it up for everyone to try. We each had a quarter. I thought my girls deserved to have this memory at least once. Shortly thereafter, Zoƫ went into the kitchen and did some clanking and banging. She emerged with a second sandwich to divide with us. Yep, like I said - it's delicious.

Bacon Peanut Butter Sandwich
2 slices of bread, toasted
3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter - more or less as desired
3 slices hot cooked bacon, not too crunchy

Toast the bread until golden and smear both slices with peanut butter. Add hot bacon and assemble into a sandwich. Take a bite and savor the sticky oozy bacoliciousness.

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  1. Humm delicious! I wish I was there when you did it! :roll:

  2. Very delicious! You should have been here. :mrgreen:

  3. You know Mira, I do have some bacon that needs to be cooked...